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Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York

​I really enjoyed this. Bill Cunningham is a remarkably dedicated and passionate documentarian, commentator, and photographer of fashion. Somehow just “fashion photographer” doesn’t seem appropriate.

What struck me most is that among a certain subculture, he is a king – “Please. He’s only the most important person on Earth,” says the French fashion show manager when some staffer isn’t taking his press badge seriously – but for the rest of us, he’s just a cute old man, riding his bike around New York, chasing pretty girls across crosswalks with a camera.

Nevertheless, his accomplishments are wonderful and inspiring. Despite Bill’s apparent self-imposed austerity, he seems to be having a tremendous amount of fun living the perfect work-life blend.

Bill turned 83 this year, but he’s still doing his “On The Street” pieces for the New York Times. Have a look… And watch this film!


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