Cap’n Jazz - “Oh Messy Life”

You either really, really love Cap’n Jazz, or you really, really hate Cap’n Jazz.

I really, really love Cap’n Jazz.

I first discovered them after finding their one and only album (Analphabetapolothology, a double-disc set with basically all their recorded material) in Blackbyrd Myoozik circa 2001. By that time, Cap’n Jazz was very much gone, its members having moved on to more well known projects such as The Promise Ring and Joan of Arc. I always felt very sad that I’d never seen/heard them in the moment. (The were done in 1995.)

Tonight, I was like, “Some dude MUST have set up a rad VHS video camera to capture this crazy band play in their high school gym, and has recently discovered the tape and uploaded it to YouTube.”

The sound quality of the video is of course not great, so here’s an audio-only rip from the album of the same song.

Also highly recommended: “Theme from 90210” and a beautiful “Take On Me” cover.


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