“I Am Love” by the Jackson 5

Here’s the Jackson 5 (plus 1), circa 1975, on the Cher Show, including a teenage Michael, a slow-motion breakdown, and a brief intro with a very young Janet: “I Am Love” by the Jackson 5

Jermaine’s lisp at 0:52 is great (”... the eyes of love ...”).


e, mallon h elespilh seksakoiou ephrrease toso arnhtika to prosdokimo epiviwshs sthn koinothta. ( k egw dahling, kamia empneush gia douleia. ase pou exoume ena kalokairi sxedon athinaiko sto londino. apaitw na mas dwsete pisw tis vroxes mas. pws tha th vgalw mexri thn adeia mou les?)

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