Simple Plan - “Jet Lag”

​Often, I’m intrigued enough by an unknown song that I take the effort to whip out my phone and Shazam the track… only to find that it’s a band I dislike – probably more because of principles or prejudices than because I have any familiarity with the band, of course.

So, Simple Plan, you’ve bested me this time, with your melancholic pop hooks and “emotive” lyrics, slotting casually into my Guilty Pleasures playlist.

However, a few comments on this funny “ha ha” video:

  • There are FOUR versions of the song/video, featuring different female voice leads: Natasha Bedingfield (above), French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai, Chinese pop singer Kelly-Cha, and KOTAK vocalist Tantri. I like the Kelly-Cha version is best, with the “late-night radio announcer” bookends and the subtle AsiaPop overproduction. (Did you notice that extra bit of reverb?) I’ve hunted down all three other versions for you below.
  • The song is about these two special lovers being apart and how it’s tearing them up, BUT bro is clearly working at least FOUR international ladies simultaneously.
  • Shout outs to WestJet, but then why is there an Air Canada jet flying away at the end? You couldn’t wait, like, 10 minutes to catch a WestJet plane?
  • Did you know Simple Plan was from Québec? I didn’t.
  • Lead singer Pierre Bouvier (I know his name now. What’s happening to me?) carries a guitar case throughout the video, but doesn’t seem to play guitar in the band. What’s actually in that guitar case?
  • Here, watch this behind-the-scenes clip. Ha.


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