Treble Charger - Red

Rolling back through old albums in my archive… Treble Charger’s album NC17 was released in 1994. (Check out those glasses!)


Love Song / Not A Love Song

​A diptych of love/not love songs across almost two decades…


Airbourne - “Runnin’ Wild”

This is important. You should watch it.


The Black Eyed Peas - “Weekend” ft. Esthero

I miss this version of BEP…​ Also.


HAIM - “Falling,” “Don’t Save Me,” and “Forever”

I couldn’t decide ​which of these songs was the best, so you get all three! This “female ‘80s pop redux” reminds me of later Fleetwood Mac and, of course, Wilson Phillips. (HAIM is three sisters.)


Patrick Wolf - “The City” (Richard X Remix)

The original is OK, but this is SO much better. I thought I was listening to an ‘80s dance original….


Toro y Moi - “So Many Details”

The car. The girl​. The house. The airplane.

New album is out! Go get it!


Hudson Mohawke - “FUSE”

​Big, beautiful beats. Two for two so far on “stuff I like from Glasgow.”


Chvrches - “The Mother We Share”

I’ve had this on repeat for about two days straight, interspersed with whatever I can scrounge of CHVRCHES’ other work or things I’m dredging from related styles. But this track is my fav. It feels perfectly modern yet nostalgic all the same (“recalling the very best of the genre,” said one Youtube commenter).

“Lies” is the other hit “officially” released:

Information is sparse, but an album is expected in early-mid 2013. For now, there are a few remixes on Soundcloud and a smattering of Youtube clips that I’ve compiled into a playlist. Of those, I’d highly recommend this beautiful Prince cover, “I Would Die 4 V.”

Update: This 23-minute live radio session on BBC Radio Scotland is also quite good.


Def Leppard - “Animal”

I just want you to know​ that somebody in this video is playing his synth drums in bare feet.


Simple Plan - “Jet Lag”

​Often, I’m intrigued enough by an unknown song that I take the effort to whip out my phone and Shazam the track… only to find that it’s a band I dislike – probably more because of principles or prejudices than because I have any familiarity with the band, of course.

So, Simple Plan, you’ve bested me this time, with your melancholic pop hooks and “emotive” lyrics, slotting casually into my Guilty Pleasures playlist.

However, a few comments on this funny “ha ha” video:

  • There are FOUR versions of the song/video, featuring different female voice leads: Natasha Bedingfield (above), French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai, Chinese pop singer Kelly-Cha, and KOTAK vocalist Tantri. I like the Kelly-Cha version is best, with the “late-night radio announcer” bookends and the subtle AsiaPop overproduction. (Did you notice that extra bit of reverb?) I’ve hunted down all three other versions for you below.
  • The song is about these two special lovers being apart and how it’s tearing them up, BUT bro is clearly working at least FOUR international ladies simultaneously.
  • Shout outs to WestJet, but then why is there an Air Canada jet flying away at the end? You couldn’t wait, like, 10 minutes to catch a WestJet plane?
  • Did you know Simple Plan was from Québec? I didn’t.
  • Lead singer Pierre Bouvier (I know his name now. What’s happening to me?) carries a guitar case throughout the video, but doesn’t seem to play guitar in the band. What’s actually in that guitar case?
  • Here, watch this behind-the-scenes clip. Ha.


Maylee Todd - “Baby’s Got It”

​Wonderful video. Can’t wait for the album.


The Constantines - “Nighttime/Anytime (It’s Alright)”

​Pretty boring video, but I love this song.


City and Colour - “Fragile Bird”

I​ usually only post things I really love. I can’t decide on this one, but wanted to log it somewhere for posterity. Great hook in the chorus, though! (Kinda NSFW, but you know, depends where you work…)


Godspeed You! Black Emperor - “We Drift Like Worried Fire”

This is the third track from the new GY!BE just released today in North America: Allelujah! Don’t Bend Ascend. The whole album is big and beautiful. Highly recommended.


Chromatics - “Running Up That Hill”

​Beautiful cover of the Kate Bush classic…


Dungen - “Panda”

Finding it hard to believe that I’ve never posted a Dungen song before!

This one is quite a few years old. Have to say that I pretty much love everything they’ve done across 5+ albums. The newest album, Skit I Allt, is just beautiful. (Try this one, for example.)


Azealia Banks - “212 feat. Lazy Jay”

This is Not Safe For Work (unless you work somewhere AWESOME.)


Hyuna - “Bubble Pop!”

Oh, yes they did!


Ludacris - “Area Codes”

NSFW, btw.

Geography major Stephanie Gray maps it out while Wikipedia breaks it down:

The song’s lyrics focus on U.S. telephone area codes that denote the location of women with whom the singer has had sexual relations in cities across the United States. Because telephone area codes are increasingly becoming less constrained to particular geographic areas, scholars and cultural critics have noted that Area Codes may be incomprehensible to future generations of listeners.

Thank you, scholars and cultural critics.


Prince Language - “I Washed You”

Was just flipping back through my “Music To Acquire” list and came across this Prince Language edit, probably jotted down 4-5 years ago. Then realized that this has the same roots of as “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out (otherwise known as the Portlandia theme music).

Prince Language’s track, however, is the more obvious edit of Gary Low’s “I Want You” (1983), which appears to be the origin of the sample.

Depending who you ask, some fingers even point at Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” (1981) but I’m not sure I’d go that far.


(Bonus: Here’s another house/dance take from Missi Kittin & The Hacker: “The Beach”.)


Jennifer Lopez - “Dance Again”

Keep hearing this on the radio (Virgin) when I get bored of The Peak. It’s got a good hook, I guess. I hope that you “enjoy.” (Probably NSFW, btw.)


Curtis Mayfield - “Move On Up”

So nice. I think the first time I heard the full 9-minute version of this song was a very special day for me. (This is not that, of course.)



“Rescue Me” - Fontella Bass

Yes! Yes! A million times yes!

Check out that band!


Unsound - “Devote Your Life To A Lost Cause”

From the archives! I actually first heard this on a paper-thin vinyl promos from an old Levi’s ad campaign in Sleazenation (circa 2000). I liked the track so much, I e-mailed the guy (aka Kristinn Gunnar Blöndal, aka KGB) about a supposed future full-length, but it never came. The closest we ever got was this 7” single (“Motion Control” was the B-side) and a couple tracks on a compilation from Moshi Moshi Records: We Got Monkeys: Five Years of Moshi Moshi Records.

For fun, here is Kristinn’s response to my e-mail from Sunday, March 28, 2004:

> Hey David
> Thanks for writing and hope you liked the track. Ive just finished an album
> titled this is how you should be living which will be out in may-june on
> moshimoshi music in the uk, devote… will be on the album, and will probably
> be the first 12” single. Detalis are sketchy but these are the facts.
> If you have any further questions feel free to drop me a line
> Cheers


Takagi Masakatsu - “Girls”

Of all the songs in my collection, this is probably among the top 5 most beautiful songs.

It’s a shame the video quality is so low. Apple did a nice profile on him some time ago:

Update: Ah, here’s a better version, but no embedding allowed…


Chromatics - “Kill For Love”

Really enjoying this new Chromatics album. Feels a little bit like Erasure, or Depeche Mode, or the only Jesus and Mary Chain song that I know.


Amalia - “All The Funk I Need (Atjazz Remix)”

This is just really nice. Enjoy!

P.S. Check out the album teaser.


Alphabeat - “Heatwave”

Got this on repeat:

I suggest you listen without video first. This was not the band nor the video I expected to see after only hearing the song.


Carly Ray Jepsen - “Call Me Maybe”

I have a not-so-secret soft spot for all the latest teen-pop sensations.

Wait for the ending!


Cap’n Jazz - “Oh Messy Life”

You either really, really love Cap’n Jazz, or you really, really hate Cap’n Jazz.

I really, really love Cap’n Jazz.

I first discovered them after finding their one and only album (Analphabetapolothology, a double-disc set with basically all their recorded material) in Blackbyrd Myoozik circa 2001. By that time, Cap’n Jazz was very much gone, its members having moved on to more well known projects such as The Promise Ring and Joan of Arc. I always felt very sad that I’d never seen/heard them in the moment. (The were done in 1995.)

Tonight, I was like, “Some dude MUST have set up a rad VHS video camera to capture this crazy band play in their high school gym, and has recently discovered the tape and uploaded it to YouTube.”

The sound quality of the video is of course not great, so here’s an audio-only rip from the album of the same song.

Also highly recommended: “Theme from 90210” and a beautiful “Take On Me” cover.


BreakBot - “Baby, I’m Yours” (featuring Irfane) - Siriusmo Remix

This is something I think you might enjoy…

(Also check out the re-remix by Cadence Weapon and Shad on TRON Legacy: The Mixtape.)


Yelle - “À cause des garçons (TEPR Remix)”

An oldie but a goodie. I love this video. See also: Tecktonic


Teen Daze - “Let’s Fall Asleep Together”

One of the more pleasant discoveries of the past few months…

Was a treat to catch him opening at the Toro y Moi show recently, where he played some of his more dancey stuff.

You can get the EPs on the Teen Daze Bandcamp page.


Har Mar Superstar - Tall Boy

The story behind this song is that he tried to sell it to Britney Spears, but her management rejected it. That may have been awesome, but the fact he got to keep it is awesomer:

Featuring Alia Shawkat, Eric Wareheim, and Eva Mendes (?!). I highly recommend the fullscreen 720p HD experience if you click through to the YouTube page.

Probably NSFW, unless you work somewhere awesome.


Toro Y Moi - “Still Sound”

Absolutely loving this. Amazing in just about every way a song can be amazing. Drums! Bass! Keys! Vocals! Dancing! Yesssssssss!


Weight and Measures - “The Love That You Share Is Making Everyone Else Sick”

In case you were wondering (I know you were), I’ve been doing a purge of my iTunes and coming across all sorts of forgotten gems.

One of them: Weights and Measures. I saw these guys in Edmonton at the Likwid Lounge in the early 2000s, opening for North of America. I believe I had seen Kepler not long before and since W&M was two-thirds Kepler members, thought I should check it out. (All three bands were excellent, by the way.)

So, here, a video of them from their final show in Toronto back in 2004:

I know, maybe not your speed, but as user “JWRONG1996” so wisely noted on an associated Tigers video, “More people need to appreciate post rock.”



Lit - “My Own Worst enemy”

Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, to be 19 again…

Man, the late ‘90s and early ‘00s kinda sucked. We can’t even really enjoy that era ironically these days. Or maybe, yet. We can’t enjoy that era ironically yet.


Maylee Todd - “Summer Sounds”

Maylee - Tunog Ng Taginit (Summer Sounds) from Jared Sales on Vimeo.

Great song, crazy video.

Seriously though. I’ve very excited about Maylee Todd. Buy her stuff.


Germans - “Sovtek My Heart”

Germans, my favourite obscure band that you’ve never heard of, are apparently poised to release a new album. It’s rather difficult to get information on these guys, but they do have a secret MP3 player up with four tracks from the new album. It is really worth clicking through, in my humble tastemaker opinion.

You can buy their first album on the iTunes: Cape Fear by Germans

(Disregard the review on the iTunes page. Germans sounds nothing like Weezer, and given that band’s excruciatingly drawn out downfall, the comment is nothing but insulting. The reviewer is high. All you need to know is that it’s awesome and you should buy it.)

Sorry! Couldn't embed the MP3 player!


French Horn Rebellion vs. Database - “Beaches and Friends” (Hey Champ Remix)

Maintaining my status as a trendsetter isn’t easy. Here, I bring you a pleasant electro track, which fell into my lap via a close pal and another pal halfway around the world in London, England.

(And this too. I love slo-mo club dancing:



The Futureheads - “Danger of the Water”

In my opinion, this was the best song on their first album. Then “Meantime,” then “Hounds of Love.”

Sorry! Couldn't embed the MP3 player!


Ladyhawke - “Paris is Burning”

LADYHAWKE “Paris Is Burning” from bobafettich on Vimeo.

The video isn’t much to look at, but I love the song so much. I listened to it three times yesterday.


Natural Elements - “2 Tons”

A forgotten gem from 1999. Beautiful. Textbook.


Robyn - “Dancing On My Own”

Robyn ‘Dancing On My Own’ (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

Around the APT, we’ve been arguing about whether she is saying, “I’m not the guy/girl you’re taking home.” I’m convinced she says “guy” despite what the lyrics claim.

Well, enjoy anyways…


“Crazy For You” by Groove Armada

Normally, covering Madonna is a sort of sacrilege. But this is actually really nice.


“Society” by DVAS

More info

Get more DVAS

Check out, especially, the “Ambient Room SymbolOne Remix” on their MySpace page.


“Odessa” by Caribou

CARIBOU - Odessa from Caribou on Vimeo.

Off to see Caribou at the Rickshaw tonight!


“Empoisonne la fourmilere” by Rhume

Rhume is probably my favourite French-Canadian musical act. About a week ago, I saw that Rhume was giving away their entire discography for free on Bandcamp. I thought you should know about it.

This here is my favourite Rhume track. The descending piano chords around 0:52 just kills me every single time:

<a href="">Empoisonne la fourmilere by Rhume</a>

(The title translates, apparently, to something like “Ant Poison.” Who knew? Other classy track: Caline de Binne)


“Are You Ready To Fly” by Rozalla

Still as great as the first time I heard it on Dance Mix ‘93 ‘EXTENDAMIX,’ right between Dr. Alban and BKS.

“Are You Ready To Fly” by Rozalla